Martin Cota: Limited Edition Seed Pot

This beautiful pot is the creation of 13 Mata Ortiz artists and is signed by them all. The idea to create a work like this was Martin Cota's. He formed an oval-figured little olla, etched it, and took it to 12 well-known Mata Ortiz artists. Each of them added an etching or painting to the pot. They made a series of 50 and this is one of the very few left.
Signed by Martin Cota,Antonio Sandoval, Guadalupe Gallegos, Rodrigo Perez, Reydezel Reyes R, Paty Ortiz, Karla Lopez Cota, Luz Angelica Lopez, Jorge Corona, Eduardo Olivas, Martin Olivas, Humberto Pina, and Jesus Lozano. 

Origin: Mata Ortiz
Dimensions: 6''Tall 12''Circumference

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