About Us

In 1984, fresh out of college, May Herz and Alfonso Olvera founded Inside Mexico. At first it  was a production company that filmed documentaries about Mexico and the Mexican culture. Their videos were sold for decades mainly to schools and libraries in the United States. To date it is one of the most visited educational websites dedicated to the Mexican culture.

Through their travels filming the amazing Mexican history, the way of life and ancestral traditions, they fell in love with the wonderful folk art that Mexican artists created.

First they started collecting Mexican Folk art and later, in 2000, they decided to establish a folk art gallery where they could share their passion for these amazing pieces with the world.

The art of creating beautiful folk art has been cultivated for centuries by the Mexican people . Simply by looking at the magnificent ceramics, wood and stone carvings, jewelry and textiles created by pre-Columbian civilizations we can see that this land possesses an extraordinary artistic heritage.

Contemporary Mexican artists have drawn upon this legacy and re-invented ancestral techniques creating wonderful expressions of Mexican Folk Art. While they follow traditional methods of creating their crafts, they have introduced new designs and produced astonishing Contemporary Art.

The Mexican folk artists we have invited to present their work in our gallery all share a passion for their legacy, their art and excellence of design.