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John D

My experiences with Sandia Folk have been nothing but exceptional.
I’m a huge fan of Mexican folk art and have found that no matter what the price range,  the offerings on this site are consistently of high quality and always appealing.
I’ve  been buying from this site for the last several years and have always found the experience satisfying. Items are always very well wrapped and shipped promptly.
The owner has been very easy to work with and always helpful. Commissioned projects also exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this business without reservation.


      Paul V. 

       from Amsterdam




      Extremely Colourful Roommate
      Beautifully made and vividly coloured by Mr Aragon, it really livelies up the living room. Muchas Gracias!  Saul Aragon Octopus.

      Betsy says:


      I started collecting alebrijies when I traveled to Oaxaca with an adult college class in 2001.  Small carvings in the market were delightful, which caused me to immediately locate a store catering to tourists and selling these beautifully painted creatures.  I purchased a small alligator. 


      I now have over 25 pieces and as soon as I find a treasure on Sandia Folk., I begin to look for another.  I tend to look for those pieces where the animal reminds me of a trip, e.g., the elephant was purchased after a trip to Africa, the griffin was purchased after the Golden Pavilion viewing in Japan. I continually marvel at the intricate brushwork of the artists, which often leads me to a Bertha Cruz piece, or a brightly colored piece completed by Margarito and Luis Saso Calvo.


      As I started to collect, I spent much time attempting to find sources.  Needless to say, living in the Midwest is not a haven for alebrijies.  Finally, after searching on and off for years I found Sandia Folk.  Someone there has an “eye” for finding the best piece from them.  They do the “vetting” for you. With each piece purchased I trust them more for authenticity and quality. 


      Here are pictures of my collection and some favorite pieces: My collection is generally displayed at eye level, so you can see the fine artwork.

      Sometimes I pull a piece from the collection and feature it somewhere in my house.  For example, this gazelle enhances the abstract painting of a friend of mine who was an artist for the Chicago Tribune.   And the painting is a perfect backdrop for the alebrijie.  Photo #1.

      The dog and the cat remind me of my granddaughters’ pets – an alert and clever dog and a cat with tremendous presence.  Photo #2

      I live in the woods.  These are the animals that surround me:  raccoon, owl, rabbit, I’ll keep looking in Sandia Folk website for that elusive squirrel or gingko.  Photo #3



      Valerie says: 

       I ♥️ my Christmas present. WOWIE! Gorgeous work. If you had a feedback function I would have been happy to leave my delight on your site. What a fabulous addition to my collection!  See? Thanks, especially for the layaway opportunity. Happy New Year!🎊🎊🎊




      Leslie says:


      Dear May,

      I just wanted to write and tell you how excited I am whenever I receive one of your emails! The Oaxacan carvings that you choose to sell are magnificent. The best artists, subjects and selection to be found anywhere on the Internet. My only problem is a lack of space to display any more carvings!

      Bob says: 

      Dear May,

       If you happen to get another rabbit/bunny as nice as the one you found me, please let me know. It is my favorite; I’m so glad you contacted me! I really like about half of the rabbits that show up if I put “rabbit” in the search box.


      Sandra says:


      Hi, May, I got the tribus colorful tapir today! Don’t know why I waited so long. It’s amazing. Thank you so much. Sandy

      Christian says:


      Hello May,

      The 2 Heri Mora pieces are simply sublime. They both arrived in splendid condition. Thank you for the care & detailed handling. I”m looking forward towards future acquisitions.


       Sandra K says:

      Hi, May, Just got the little yellow froggie. So cute. You ship very fast and the articles Ive gotten from you are well_wrapped. Your carving selections range from cute to almost unbelievable. The tribus mixes pieces I’ve gotten from your store are amazing! Thank you so much. Sandy


      John D says:

      Consistently High Quality, Amazing, Mexican Folk Art. Really. And Gaspar Calvo Fabian has made a spectacular nativity carving.


       Frank S says:

       Hi May

       I just got my dragon from you and I just can’t take my eyes off of it. Thank you so much for the special attention you gave me. You have built a quality business that can be matched by no one else, and you give every customer that little extra attention that sets you far above all the others. You are my new best friend :)


      Frank S says:

       I have been shopping with you for 3 or 4 years now and I must say that you have a wonderful business going. You carry quality sculptures that arrive promptly and are packed so well that it is an adventure just unwrapping and finally seeing the piece. The card of authenticity is a nice touch that makes it easy for me to keep a file for insurance purposes. I check your site two or three times a day so as to not miss out on a special piece. I am still looking for that special dragon like the one Louise Pablo just did but less than half that size. You have found special pieces for me before and I know you will again, in time.


      Sandy says:

       I got an outstanding piece from you. The Pegasus by the tribus mixes took me a couple of years to find. Your packing was excellent, your rates and prices reasonable. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks again.


      Jillian says:

       The Oaxacan carvings I have received from you have been absolutely amazing! I have never seen any wrapping superior to yours, which gives me ease whenever I order these delicate carvings. Thanks for providing such high quality pieces! I always enjoy looking at the frequent shipments you get, which is also one of the many things I love about your website. Thanks!


      Avena_Lyn S says:

       I just wanted to let you know the Mandarin Mouse arrived today in Perfect condition. It is beautiful! Thank you so much for such fast shipping, amazing packaging, and such an outstanding collection of Alebrijes. Your selections continue to wow me.

      Thank again-I will keep returning to your shop-your selection is Superb!

       Leslie B says:

       I just wanted to write and tell you how excited I am whenever I receive one of your emails! The Oaxacan carvings that you choose to sell are magnificent. The best artists, subjects and selection to be found anywhere on the Internet. My only problem is a lack of space to display any more carvings!

       Rex P says:

      Your website is the next best thing to wandering the art shops in Mexico.

       Murray says:


      The Julia Fuentes cat arrived today safe and sound – such a lovely design and I love the size – fits anywhere!

      A. Murray

       Joahanna T (GERMANY) says:

       Dear Sandia,

      I wanted to let you know that I received my order (the adorable little Monkey by Nestor Melchor, and the Quail by Jacobo Angeles) today. I’ve never seen such superb wrapping, and the pieces arrived in absolute mint condition, thank you so very much!!

       Gary B says:

      Hi May,

      I received this piece today, and in a word–AWESOME.
      Thank you again for everything.

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