Manuel Cruz: Museum Quality Skull & Lizard

 This is one of the most spectacular wood-carved skulls I have ever seen. Carved from one piece of wood, artist Manuel Cruz created a fabulous work of art. On one side of the skull, he carved a swirling sea snail conch and on top a gorgeous passenger lizard. The painted design by Manuel's wife Ruvi is truly magnificent. The eyes are painted like Cempasuchitl, marigolds, the day of the dead flowers. The front of the skull is divided into night and day geometric patterns. The other side of the skull has a complex design of leaves, flowers, and Cempasuchitl, all perfectly painted.  This is certainly one of the most impressive wood carvings I have seen.

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Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 8''Tall 8''Long 7.5''Wide