Luis Pablo: Large Dante from Coco Film Xolo Dog

Fabulous large Dante Xolo dog Alebrije by artist top Oaxaca artist Luis Pablo. Inspired by Disney's Coco movie, Luis Pablo sculpted this fantastic and colorful Xolo dog!   The Xoloitzcuintle, or Xolo, is the Mexican hairless dog. Its name comes from the Aztec god Xolotl, god of fire and lightning. Dogs were believed to be spiritual protectors of the human soul.  Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera owned several Xolo dogs.  This wonderful wood sculpture is perfectly carved and painted. The Xolo has such a  joyful expression that seems to change depending on the different views of the dog. 

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 13''Tall 12''Long 6''Wide