Carolina Sandoval & Kengi Santos: Mixed Media Snail Woodcarving

Fabulous snail woodcarving alebrije by artists Carlina Sandoval and Kengi Santos. They are a married couple of artists, in their 20s who used to work for other big workshops.  They create woodcarvings and mixed media pieces, incorporating textiles, metals, and acrylic sculpting. It is so refreshing to see new artists with an innovative style of creating alebrijes.  This truly beautiful snail has a braided Oaxacan yarn in beige to accentuate the ridges of the snail's conch.  The result is spectacular and expressive. The painting is contemporary and very well executed.  The colors are vibrant and elegant. Carolina's trademark is the painted fire flames. I really like her use of colors.  

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 7''Tall 6.5''Long 4''Wide