The Story Making Headlines in the World of Alebrijes!
Dear Friends,
We’re very excited to share an unusual (and yet remarkable) story making headlines in the world of Alebrijes.
Yesterday, Louis Vuitton announced a collaboration with Casa Don Juan, a family workshop in Oaxaca where generations of artists have designed stunning wood carvings.
Led by master carver Aldo Hernandez, Casa Don Juan’s workshop has now grown to have 25 artists. Hernandez suffers from a disease that affected his artisanal abilities over time, so he decided to teach the woodcarving and painting skills to his apprentices, including his brothers.
The collaboration involved Hernandez and his team perfecting a technique that would allow for the pigments to properly adhere to a number of Louis Vuitton leather luggage pieces. The results show the beautiful marriage of a Zapotec tradition, with a world-renowned luxury brand.
Coincidentally, we have also been recently working closely with Casa Don Juan and released the following two pieces the same day the Louis Vuitton collaboration was announced! At the time of this writing, the two beautiful pieces are available for purchase.
Image of Casa Don Juan: Masterpiece Day & Night Ram Louis Vuitton
Image of Casa Don Juan: Spectacular Tortoise
Casa Don Juan: Masterpiece Day & Night Ram
Casa Don Juan: Spectacular Tortoise
We would like to leave you with some pictures of the collaboration that we have found, which exemplifies the worldwide reach that this masterful art is having as of recent times. We are very proud to continue to be a small (but somewhat meaningful) participant in the efforts to share this art with the rest of the world.
As always, we thank you for also continuing to fuel our passion for the art and being fundamental to its success, as well as the artists’
-May Herz 
Images courtesy of Casa Don Juan Alebrijes and Zona Maco
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