Mexican Handcrafted Bark Paper Wall Art

One of the most beautiful and ancient artifacts made by the talented artisans of Mexico are the bark paper wall hangings.

Handmade bark paper also  known as Amate paper is a traditional type of paper made in Mexico, particularly by indigenous communities such as the Nahua and Otomi. It is crafted from the bark of fig trees and other local trees. The process of making amate paper is quite labor-intensive and involves several steps:

Harvesting Bark: The bark is collected from trees, typically the fig or mulberry trees.


Soaking and Beating: The bark is soaked and boiled in water to soften it, then beaten and pounded to break down the fibers. This creates a fibrous pulp.

Bleaching the Pulp: The pulp is also bleached to produce white paper.

Forming Sheets: The wet pulp is then spread out on a flat surface, such as a mesh or a mat, to form sheets. The sheets are pressed to remove excess water and then left to dry.

Drying and Flattening: Once dried, the sheets of bark paper are flattened and can be used for various purposes.

Amate bark paper has been used for centuries in pre-hispanic cultures for writing, artwork, and ceremonial purposes. 

Nowadays, it is used in art and crafts, valued for its unique texture and historical significance. The paper's natural, handmade quality makes it distinct from modern, industrially-produced paper.

Ancient codices were written in bark paper.

One of the most beautiful handcrafts created in Mexico are the wall-art pieces that combine bark paper and hand embroidered cloth from Tenango Puebla.

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