Origin: PuelbaDimensions: 9" Tall 13" Circ.
Catarino Carrillo is very well know for his fabulous giraffes such as this one! OaxacaDimensions: 10''Tall 8''Long 3''Wide...
Dimensions: 4.5" Tall 6" Long 3" Wide
Origin: Oaxaca, MexicoDimensions: 17" Tall 12" Wide 2" Deep
Origin: Tavehua, MexicoDimensions: 10" Tall 5" Wide 3" Deep
Origin: Atzompa, MexicoDimensions: 6" Tall 2" Wide 1.5" Deep
Gorgeous wood cross with beads and Milagros. Origin: Jalisco, MexicoDimensions: 10.5" Tall 10.5" Wide ¾" Deep
Beautiful wood cross with Milagros from the state of Michoacan. Origin: Michoacan , MexicoDimensions: 13.5" Tall 7.5" Wide...
Fantastic zebras uber cab by artist Martin Melchor. Martin is one of the most imaginative, creative artists in Oaxaca. His...
Origin: Puebla Dimensions: 7''Tall 7.5''Long 5''Wide