Magdaleno Fabian: One-Piece Masterpiece Curandera

Magnificent complex wood sculpture by Oaxaca artist Magdaleno Fabian. This spectacular one-piece carving features an ancient curandera, healing woman, with her dog. She is carrying a beautiful white monkey in her woven basket. A serpent encircles her. This serpent has its mouth open and inside we can see an eagle head; the tail of this reptile close to the curandera's feet is a jaguar head!! Hanging from her belt is an owl and fox. Every element of this one-piece figure is perfectly carved...take a look at the woven basket , the details of the woman's skirt, the perfect jaguar face.
The painting is also superb and complex, featuring ancient Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz designs.

Magdaleno has won numerous awards for his woodcarvings...he is certainly one of the greatest carvers today. This absolutely impressive piece is a true work of art!

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 12''Tall 8''Long 7''Wide