Magaly Fuentes: Beautifully Decorated Owl Woodcarving Art

 What a gorgeous owl! This owl, buho wood sculpture was created by Magaly Fuentes and her husband Jose Calvo.  Jose carves all their figures and Magaly paints them. Magaly is one of the most talented painters in Oaxaca.  The owl has beautiful Zapotec fretwork a jewel-like geometric designs beautifully painted.   Each feather of this stunning piece has a different animal pattern and different coloring. There are turtles, butterflies, fishes,  and lizards. The feathers also have different patterns of beautiful flowers...amazing!The carving of the Alebrije figure is impressive and the painting is simply superb!

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 9.5''Tall 6''Long 5.5''Wide