Luis Pablo: Masterpiece Jellyfish

Absolutely spectacular jellyfish by Oaxaca artist Luis Pablo. Luis Pablo is one of the very few carvers that does everything himself...he carves and paints all of his pieces, he doesn't employ painters or carvers to assist him. This time he carved a gorgeous figure and as he says it is also a work of engineering. When we asked him to make a medusa, jelly fish, 2 months ago, he spent a month thinking of how to construct this amazing figure. This is what he says about it "Esta pieza es arquitectura e ingenieria pura; cuando la estaba contemplando pens√© en un edificio contra terremotos de los que construyen los Japoneses. Puede pararla en una mesa y darle una sacudida y s√≥lo se balancea y no se cae por el dise–." This figure is pure architecture or engineering; when I was observing it, it reminded me of Japanese buildings designed to survive earthquakes. You can place it on a table, shake the table and it wont fall because of its design. I would add that it is a fantastic work of art!

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 19''Tall 8''Long 8''Wide