Luis Pablo: Masterpiece "Infinity Quetzalcoatl and The Eagle Warrior"

Absolutely spectacular one-piece Quetzalcoatl & Eagle Warrior wood carving by Top Master Carver Artist Luis Pablo. The carving is spectacular and has so many bas-reliefs, carved levels, and details. The carving was so time-consuming that it took several months for Luis Pablo to finish it! This magnificent sculpture features Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, which is one of the most important deities in Pre-columbian civilizations. Quetzalcoatl was the god of wind, air, and learning. The blue feathers of the serpent represent the wind and air. This exceptional figure has at the top, coming out of the fauces of serpent an Eagle Warrior, Caballero Aguila. Eagle Warriors were the bravest soldiers of noble birth. The fusion of these two elements represents the protection of civilization by the deities and the human soldiers. The red area symbolizes the unlimited power and energy of these two protective forces. This power is endless, which is symbolized by the infinity form of the sculpture. The coloring reflects the use of colors of the pre-Columbian cultures who favored bright colors. Take a look at the impressive carving of this one-piece figure, the different carved levels, and details. A magnificent work of art.