Luis Pablo: Masterpiece Hector from Coco Film

Extraordinary Hector skeleton wood carving by top Oaxaca artist Luis Pablo. This figure, one of the main characters of Disney's Coco movie, is spectacular. This very demanding and difficult piece to create. Carved from a single block of wood, Luis Pablo masterfully carved this skeleton. It is an incredible feat, first to imprint the movement and personality of the figure by designing the piece and then carving out, at first, larger chunks of wood. Then the incredible work of a truly gifted artist begins by delicately cutting bit by bit the body to create the fine details of the sculpture. Just take a look at the ribcage with each little rounded rib and the curving vertebral column inside! Legs, arms, hands, feet...perfection! Imagine that each little area of the sculpture has then to be perfectly sanded, taking care not to break those thin bones! Luis Pablo says this is one of the best pieces he has created and the icing on the cake of his Coco figures. Magnificent.

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 14''Tall 5''Long 4''Wide