Javier Jimenez: Breathtaking Cat

Breathtaking cat sculpture by top Oaxaca artist Javier Jimenez. Javier is one of the most talented artists in Oaxaca and is not related to the Jimenez family of Arrazola. His pieces are always very well carved and impressively painted. This cat woodcarving is extraordinary. Not only is it perfectly carved, giving the figure movement and expressiveness but the painting is unbelievably beautiful and precise. People some times ask me if the artists use computers or decals to facilitate their designs the answer is NO. Their talent is unsurpassed and they are able to create such beauty and complexity of designs all by hand, intuitively!  Take a look at the spectacular patterns on the legs and the back of this fabulous cat! An absolutely spectacular piece!


Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 19''Tall 13''Long 6.5''Wide