Hector Gallegos Jr: Extraordinary Flower Olla Mata Ortiz

Extraordinary light cream and black flowers Mata Ortiz olla with a leaf-like base, by Master Potter Hector Gallegos Jr. This delicate olla has a beautiful contemporary, well-balanced form and is decorated with Hector's trademark design of etched and painted minute details. This fantastic pot has two inlaid carnelian red gemstones that accentuate its beauty. Hector Jr learned, at a young age, pottery making from his famous parents Hector Gallegos and Graciela Martinez. His work has been included in many exhibitions and museums such as the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles California, The Museum Of Man in San Diego California, and the National Museum of Folk Art in Mexico City. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Origin: Mata Ortiz
Dimensions: 6.5''Tall 23''Circumference