Eli Navarrete: Dazzling Egg Shaped Olla

Spectacular masterpiece pot by Eli Navarrete Ortiz. This is one of the most beautiful pots I have ever seen.
The egg shape form is perfectly symmetrical, lightweight and smooth. The painting is superb and the design is creative and imaginative!
This unique egg-from olla is much larger than the pots Eli usually makes, & thus he had a larger "canvas" on which to paint his amazing animal designs. There are serpents encircling the pot, geckos, crocodiles, fish, birds, macaws...
In 1997, in "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" the authors stated that Eli Navarrete: "...could become one of the two or three best potters to ever come out of Mata Ortiz" Today we say he most certainly is one of the best!