Aldo Hernandez Casa Don Juan: Axolotl

Gorgeous axolotl, Mexican walking fish, by Aldo Hernandez of Casa Don Juan. Axolotls are not really fish but salamanders. Unfortunately, they are almost extinct. Mexico is working on conserving axolotls by building axolotl shelters and conserving potential habitats for the salamanders.  

Artist Juan Hernandez Cruz from Oaxaca started decades ago the tradition of creating fine quality Oaxacan woodcarvings; he was one of the first persons to create Oaxacan woodcarvings.  In his honor, his family has continued with his legacy and sign all their pieces "Casa Don Juan" Don Juan's Home.  This amazing axoltl has such a gorgeous form and the painting is simply amazing!

Origin: Oaxaca 
Dimensions: 3''Tall 6.5''Long 3.5''Wide