Agustin Cruz: Wall Hanging Tzompantli Masterpiece

Absolutely stunning wood-carved tzompantli by Oaxaca artist Agustin Cruz. Agustin created this magnificent piece featuring at the center a bas-relief skeleton conqueror on its horse and a pleading skeleton.  The conqueror has a sort and carved hat. Surrounding them Agustin perfectly carved 12 different skulls and 12 little white skulls.  He made a gorgeous wood frame, decorated with 46 little hand-carved skulls each beautifully painted.   The background of the interior scene is pale gray, and it brings out the magnificence of the skeletons and skulls.  This is certainly one of the most impressive and unique pieces I have seen in many years! 

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 28''Tall 17.5''Wide 3''Deep