ON SALE Agustin Cruz Prudencio: Spectacular Cactus Nativity Creche

Extraordinary Nativity Scene by well-known artist Agustin Cruz Prudencio. This unique, creative scene, sets the Holy Family on a cactus along with the Three Wise Men, the Archangel as well as a shepherd with a lamb he is bringing to the Holy Family. There are two barn animals, a cow, and a donkey! The Baby Jesus is on a turtle that serves as His crib. The Three Wise Men are offering a turkey, a turtle, and a gilded box. The figures are magnificently painted and carved. Nativity Scenes by Agustin Cruz are prominently featured in the book Great Masters of Oaxacan Popular Art. This is certainly a very special majestic work of art!

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 14''Tall 13''Long 11''Wide