Repair Service

Wood Carving Repair Service

Some of our clients have contacted us to tell us about unfortunate accidents that have occurred to a few carvings from their collections: A mischievous pet biting off a giraffe’s leg or a broken a figure by the movers.

In order to repair the beautiful Wood Carvings and return them to their original state, we will be hosting an experience restorer form Oaxaca in our Texas office during the second half of August 2015.


Now is the perfect time for you to send us pictures of your damaged art pieces so that we can give you an estimate of the repair. It does not matter if you acquired the carving from us or somebody else, we will repair it for you!


The restoration quality is superb, practically unnoticeable, and the cost tends to be quite affordable.

This is a service we don’t usually offer. The artist from Oaxaca will be only during the second half of August 2015.

Please send your pictures as soon as possible so we can send you an estimate and give time for the pieces to be shipped to us in Texas.

The email to send your pictures is
Please do not send us the carvings before we give you a quote.


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