News Sandia Folk

Many Exciting Things are Happening in Sandia Folk!

We are introducing a new section to our website called NEWS. Here, you find information about our new products, get to learn more about the artists of Mexican popular art and about their communities, and you will also be able to find information about our special activities and events.

We would like to extend to you our upmost gratitude for the enormous support you have given us throughout all of these years, as next month will mark 31 years of uninterrupted activity as promoters of the Mexican art and culture. It was in a seemingly distant July 1984 that we began Inside Mexico, our publishing company dedicated to the production of documentaries and educational material about Mexico and the Mexican culture. Years later, in 1999, we founded what is known today Sandia Folk.

Today, we continue to grow. In the works, there are many new exciting projects, as we would like to bring to you even more beautiful art expressions than ever before. For this purpose, the News section, will serve in keeping you updated on our new projects that will be coming your way. We hope you enjoy it!

May Herz