Gaspar Calvo Fabian: Award Winning Nativity Scene

Spectacular award winning nativity scene by artist Gaspar Calvo. This magnificently detailed Nativity won First Place in the yearly Concurso Estatal de Nacimientos Oaxaquenos 2015, Oaxaca's State Wide Nativities Competition. The creche is impressive. Carved from one piece of wood, it is incredibly fine and detailed. It has 5 carved levels, with barn animals, the Holy Family, Angles and clouds, a well, detailed doors, windows, bricks! In addition to all this incredible craftsmanship, the piece is left in the natural copal wood that carvers in Oaxaca use. Included with this fantastic piece is the ribbon and a copy of the certificate of awarded to Gaspar Calvo Fabian.

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 10.5''Tall 7''Long 7''Wide