Rocio Fabian: Masterpiece Jaguar Woodcarving

 Exquisite jaguar sculpture by Oaxacan woodcarving artist Rocio Fabian. Rocio is certainly one of the best painters of woodcarvings in Oaxaca today. The expressiveness and elegance of the jaguar in addition to Rocio's impeccable painting make this woodcarving an exceptional sculpture.This fabulous one-piece sculpture has a complex cut-out labor-intensive design. The body is carefully cut to create the illusion of the jaguar moving.  The interior of the feline is painted in cream. The coloring is superb. Take a look at the expressiveness of the face and body language! A spectacular museum-quality work of art!

Origin: Oaxaca
Dimensions: 6.5''Tall 19''Long 4.5''Wide

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