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Alebrijes: The Art of Creating Oaxacan Woodcarvings

Alebrijes are carved wooden figures created by Oaxacan artisans. They have become so popular that even the world’s most respected Spanish language authority, the La Real Academia de la Lengua Española, Spanish Royal Academy, has included the term “Alebrijes”→ Read more
Nancy Heras

Mata Ortiz Sad News Nancy Heras Passed Away

We are very sadden to learn on of our friends and great artist from Mata Ortiz has passed away. Nancy was battling breast cancer for the last year and on August 8 she died.→ Read more

The Art of Manuel Cruz

Our gallery is proud to feature Oaxacan artist Manuel Cruz, who just recently won the first price Award from FOFA. Manuel is one of the top woodcarving artists in Oaxaca today. This amazing 27 year old artist started woodcarving when he was 5 years old. He started with simple tasks→ Read more
Oil on Canvas by Jose Edgar Velazco

Beautiful Artwork for Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza


Oil on Canvas by Jose Edgar Velazco

The most important festival in Oaxaca is undoubtedly the annual celebration of  La Guelaguetza. It is a holiday that revolves around dance and brings together eight regions of Oaxaca on the Cerro del Fortin.  Read about this fiesta here.

The Woodcarving Art of Luis Pablo

Now Available! The Woodcarving Art of Luis Pablo

Through this unique book, “The Woodcarving Art of Luis Pablo” this amazing artist recounts the story of his life. Richly illustrated, with more than 74 pictures of his work→ Read more
The Beginning of the dragon.

Join Luis Pablo in the Creation of a Unique Piece : A Spectacular Dragon

 ALL FINISHED! “Carving dragons thrills me because I always create something different and I always keep on improving them. It is perhaps my favorite figure” Luis Pablo→ Read more
Mata Ortiz Concurso 2016

Mata Ortiz Annual Concurso

Mata Ortiz is ready for its yearly pottery concurso. The XIX Concurso will be held on Saturday April 2. Awards will be given to the best ceramic pieces in several categories. More than 350 pieces are expected to be entered. Some of the categories are: White Polychrome, Miniatures, Black Graphite & burnished Technique, Effigies, Colored Clay, Innovation Pieces. Good luck to all the extraordinary artist of Mata Ortiz.

Mata Ortiz Pottery

The Mata Ortiz Pottery Phenomenom

The Mata Ortiz Pottery phenomenon explained in two very interesting short clips by Jeff Holden featuring Juan Quezada, Lydia Quezada and Spencer MacCallum.→ Read more
Mata Ortiz Exhibition
Mata Ortíz 1995-2015 presents work from the village of Juan Mata Ortíz over the twenty year period following our seminal exhibition at the University Art Museum in 1995.→ Read more